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In this world, there are two types of people.

One for whom left means 'Left',

And another for whom left means 'Not right'.

To one school of thought, a swanky car and a 5-room villa is must,

And to another, a map and a tent is must.

One kind who learn through books and google,

And another kind who learn through stamps on their passport….

The conformists and The mavericks.

The followers and The leaders.

The tourists and The explorers.

Holiday Craft has been crafted keeping in mind the second breed – THE EXPLORERS.

If you believe that nature can teach you more than books and that true history can be known only by feeling it and discovering it, then you are at the right place. We craft explorations for you. We craft nature jaunts, historical tours, romantic getaways, adventurous sojourns and much more in the form of tailor-made holidays.

How does it work?

Round the Clock Support


You narrate us your imaginations of a dream holiday with specifications.

tailer travel


You and we together sort destinations and design itinerary.



You are all set to fly.


Click selfies

A happy-sappy you is equal to happy-sappy us.

About Holiday Craft

Welcome to Holiday Craft, where we map destinations according to your choice and spruce them up with experiences that are unique and individually defined keeping 'you' in mind. To start with we understand your likes and then match it up with relevant experiences, we understand your budget and accordingly shortlist the locations, we study your personality and devise itineraries consequently. And after this, we get into the whole circle of stay, commute, food, currency, visa, so on and so forth. In short, we look into your dreams and tailor them into realities.

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What do we believe in?

tailer travel

100% Tailored Travel

We do not believe in providing you any run-of-the-mill packages because you can find them at any nook and corner. What we provide to you are exquisite privileges that are tailored keeping your dreams in mind.

Round the Clock Support

Round the clock support

We will not leave you alone in an unknown land or in any unfamiliar abode ever. We want to be there for you at every point of your travel and hence our back office provides round-the-clock support just for you.



There is no big deal as such in having honesty as a policy. But with the growing consumerism the best of best interests can be mauled, hence we operate with 100% transparency at every step. honesty as a policy



We are there to comfort you and not to dig a hole in your pocket. You certainly deserve comfortable and carefree explorations, hence we are there to worry for you while you can just sit, sip and relax.

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