Having quit the 9am-6pm corporate job at a famous organization Aneri made the choice of her life by founding Holiday Craft. Through this, she is not just tailoring her own dreams but is crafting the same for others. A perfectionist by nature, flamboyant by demeanour, a reader by hobby, and a fanatic explorer by passion, Aneri has travelled many countries across the globe. She has also visited the nooks and corners of India in the best possible ways. With such a diverse experience in travel and exposure to different communities across the world, the travel plans that she crafts as a traveler is totally different than any google or encyclopaedia has to offer. More so with her professional background being into Human Resources, she has good empathizing qualities. This makes her understand and value people's dreams to a great extent thus tailoring them in a better way.

It is often said that a woman is the reflection of her man. But here Aneri and Anip, her husband, both are reflection of each other and together they are realizing their dreams and pursuing them professionally in every possible way. Anip being a successful businessman knows the intricacies involved with business management and venture capitalization. Being a jack-of-all-trades he has great inputs when it comes to strategies, business development and marketing. With his passion for travel and love for food, he is pulling off the show in his own unique way, offering the best of itineraries and crafting the best of holidays.

Together they are crafting peace, passion, adventure, memories, life and having a gala time making others dreams come true. And hence the apt name 'Holiday Craft'.

Holiday Craft founded in June 2015, has by now consulted more than 100 customers who have thoroughly enjoyed their well-crafted holidays. The company registered in Ahmedabad works with the following vision & objectives:


Holiday Craft aims at making this world a place where explorations are easy on pockets filled with memorable experiences which needless to say are easy to plan, craft and implement.


  • To tailor make and craft explorations/ experiences for people.
  • To act as one point solution provider for all traveling needs.
  • To provide best of travel management services in all segments of travel: luxury, adventure, romantic, historic, or anything else.