About French Polynesia

A place where greens and blues submerge, A place where the earth and the skies meet, And the heaven where two hearts become one!

Set against the backdrop of azure sky and moss-covered hills environed by turquoise lagoons; French Polynesia is the ideal location for a romantic getaway. Tales of heaven on earth rose from this very place where life is simple, dreamy and beautiful. The majestic mountains, the turquoise lagoons, the magnanimous plantations all inspire awe beyond explanation. Sink into a romantic mood in a private over-water bungalow with extravagant views of the island's iconic square-topped peak. Indulge in an astounding demonstration of pearl farming right in the middle of a lagoon! Spend a full day on a safari adventure discovering the jeweled impenetrable rainforests of Tahiti.

Tour the Mount Marau to have a bird's eye view of Punaruu Valley and drink in the scenery. Be astonished by the manifoldness of the exotic landscape ranging from geometric ridges strung with waterfalls to flat, desert-like atolls. Spend a day getting your bit of the diverse marine life filled with exotic fishes and colorful corals. To enjoy the grandiose view of this picturesque island take a tour of Moorea. Set out to explore the Ana Aeo cave, with its massive, oozy-looking stalactites and stalagmites, it is the most stunning sights on the island. In the lap of nature, explore yourself and celebrate the beauty of life with your partner!

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