About Italy

A place where life is intricate with beauty, style and flair, where diverse landscapes, cuisines and art find a way into your heart and touch your soul, fall madly in love with almost everything Italy has to offer. Go back in time walking through the historic harbingers of Italy - Rome & Vatican City to get dunked in sheer beauty and grandiosity.

Spend a peaceful yet mesmerizing time at Venice exploring the amazing churches, museums and enjoy a delicious meal at canal side bistros - a feast for your stomach and eyes! Go on a grand tour of heaven in Tuscany with its beautiful rolling hills and wonderful medieval hilltop towns. Escape to the island of Marettimo, a secluded traffic-free island which is a home to myriad of animals, wildlife and rare birds of prey.

Indulge in the luxury of staying at rustic Italian villas and be enchanted by the sun-rise over the stunning valleys. Gorge on the wonderful cuisine that different regions of Italy offer and be assured that by the end of your holiday you will have put on a few extra pounds. If invited by the gracious people of Italy (which is common), enjoy a home-cooked meal and experience the authentic taste of these authentic Italian meals. Find time to indulge in spectacular jazz performances at Perugia in summer and Orvieto in winters.

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